From our next system update, you will be able to buy Coinbase Futures on DEUS Swap!

3 min readDec 20, 2020


Starting price at 50 DEUS per COINBASE

72 hours static phase where you get guaranteed the REAL IPO price.

After we saw this headline, we at $DEUS decided this is the moment to prove our protocol’s power.

While others are still debating with law regulators if and how possible, we are already launching it!

How can we get the real IPO price without knowing it?

We apply a swapRate when swapping the IOUs to REAL tokens after Coinbase got listed on the Stock Exchanges.

To calculate the swapRate, we need three things.

  • static DEUS Coinbase IPO Future Token
  • DEUS Time-weighted average price during static Sale
  • The real IPO price of coinbase

DEUS Coinbase IPO Futures Price * DEUS-TWAP / CoinbaseIPOprice = swapRate

14.04.2021 Update:

Updated swap calculation:

  • static DEUS Coinbase IPO Future Token price at 50 DEUS
  • Time-weighted average price of DEUS is 3.5$
  • The real Listing price of coinbase will be 360$

(50*3.5)/360= 0.49
swapRate would be at 0.49

1 DEUS Coinbase IPO Future Tokens would get swapped to 0.49 real wCoinbase, after the IPO.

DEUS Swap pair

To boost our protocol and incentivize DEUS holders, the only pair provided for the MarketMaker will be


Don’t worry, If you don’t own any DEUS yet, the protocol will swap them automatically for you.
Currencies available at launch:



Risks / Reward for backing with DEUS

DEUS itself is backed with ETH, and with currently only 0.0025 ETH per DEUS, the price is almost near the LGE generated bottom of 0.0017 ETH, so there is not a lot of potential downside here but a lot of incentive for the DEUS Protocol.

In the future, we will work on preparing auto deployer scripts.

By doing so, every user could add basically ANY IPO he wants. We could create a governance Interface where you could propose the

Company/ Name / Ticker / Starting Price / Duration of StaticPhase

and then others could vote with TIME to get it added, and then it would get auto deployed without us.

Until we decentralized and automized this process, we are open to add any IPO the community wishes for.

As you can see, this can literally be done in a DAY.

To DOs for now:

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