DEUS improvement Proposal — 4

3 min readJan 19, 2022


Concentrate Liquidity, partner with LQDR, host our Synths on Spiritswap, discontinue bETH, introduce veDEUS and cap DEUS at 300k supply

1. Remove all liquidity incentives from all chains to concentrate our liquidity and focus our efforts.

2. Partner with Liquiddriver and exclusively incentivize their staking pools.

(make DEUS/FTM + DEI/USDC Farms with the highest APY on their website for MAXIMUM exposure)

About Liquiddriver:

We are close friends and have discussed a partnership for a long time. They have recently got a lot of traction.

I am happy to be partnering up with them. I feel this is the perfect time for it.

They currently have over 400 MM in TVL on their platform, and they are amongst the top protocols on Fantom.

It is a perfect opportunity to incentivize their community and offer them the highest APY directly on

It is all the marketing we need & can lead to a big boom for DEUS.

They eagerly wait on a synthetics platform, and Liquiddriver will introduce us to the whole fantastic community.

3. Provide our Synths on Spiritswap frontend.

This proposal is only getting better:

Liquiddriver also helped us contact Spiritswap, one of the greatest and well-known DEXs on Fantom.

They want to be offering our synthetics directly on the Spiritswap frontend.

Nothing much more to say about this. Maximum exposure for our DEUS v1 product!

Thanks, ( for making that possible 👍

4. Focus our development & tokenomics further, increase the DAO Fund and hire more developers.

Discontinue the development of bETH and only offer DEUS v1 > DEUS v2 migration. This will help us focus our efforts on development.

Concentrating our token economy on only one token, capturing all the fees/value inside DEUSv2.

Developing the adoption of DEUSv2 should be our focus.

Developing bETH and creating an economy around it would only lead to more dilution and confusion, DEUSv2 for the win.

The ethereum of the AMM will flow into the DAO. Be used to further finance the v3 development. (we already hired another dev team, so our v3 growth isn’t stalled by the Fantom excursions and other small things.)

5. Implementing a vested DEUS (veDEUS)

veDEUS will be used for governance and improve the DEUS tokenomics by taking DEUS out of the circulating supply.

A more detailed description of the upcoming plans for veDEUS is planned. In addition, a blog on how future emissions can be cut will be written after we are finished with all the formalities for the fantom launch.

6. Introduce a total supply given out to Liquidity and Staking incentives at 300k DEUS total.

So we will be minting around 100k more DEUS that will be used to incentivize staking, bribe protocols, etc.

The period on how long we will use that DEUS to incentivize will be voted individually.

Also, we can burn outstanding DEUS if we don’t need it anymore.

We will also vote on which pools we should incentivize and how much.

For now, we will be incentivizing Liquiddriver bribes. They are paying 1$ in LQDR for $0.5 of DEUS. It’s a pretty good deal. Additionally, they do not intend to dump their DEUS.

Creating a win-win-win for us.

How we use the DEUS emission will be voted via gauges, similar to how Curve is doing it.

This will finally end the question:

“Admin, ser whats the total supply?”

- “It’s 300k, bro.”

(Of course, we can’t limit the minting/burning via the DEI mechanism, but it should be equally balanced, if not more deflationary.)

So DEUS will be capped at ~300k with a tendency to go down in supply.

If you agree to this proposal, we will start to deploy on Fantom and formally propose to Liquiddriver’s and Spiritswap’s communities.

See you on Fantom, guys!