Title: Mastering Collaborative Bribing on Solidly ve(3,3)

3 min readMar 20, 2023


ve(3,3) Decentralized Exchanges: Collaborative Bribing boosts Value and Demand


Suppose protocols that received a veNFT airdrop collaborate together and increase their voting APRs across all pools equally. In that case, it drives demand to the underlying DEX token, which increases the dollar value of the emissions their veNFT controls.


The collaborative bribing strategy described in this article can be guided by the DEX core team or executed entirely permissionless by collaborating protocols.

In the case of Thena, the team actively assists partners in finding the optimal bribing strategy, although collaborating protocols can also manage this process independently. Contacting the protocol team and discussing the bribing plan with them is recommended to ensure the most effective approach is taken.


Collaborative bribing has emerged as an effective strategy for protocols operating on solidly ve(3,3) decentralized exchanges (DEXes).

With a year of experience in this domain, the DEUS team has successfully employed this approach to create value for their veNFT holdings while boosting the demand for their own but also the DEX platform token. Executed perfectly by the Thena team, this approach has proven effective in creating value for veNFT holders and boosting demand for platform tokens. Consequently, collaborative bribing has become an effective strategy for protocols operating on ve(3,3) DEXs.

This article outlines a step-by-step guide to implementing collaborative bribing based on the experiences of the DEUS team.

Assess the Initial Situation

  1. Identify the total amount of veNFTs the protocol has received as airdrops concerning other protocols’ veNFT size.
  2. Calculate potential returns from bribing, considering the recycling effect on the pool.
  3. Determine the value of voting APRs and how they can boost demand for the platform token.
  4. Calculate the correct amount to be received from bribes through self-voting, which is crucial for significantly scaling up bribe value, driving more demand to the underlying DEX token, and increasing controlled emissions values.


A protocol bribes $20,000 for its gauge, votes with its 10% share of all votes for it and receives 12% of the total votes. This means the protocol recycles 0.1/0.12 = 83% of its investment while boosting voting APRs, driving more demand to the DEX platform token, and increasing the value of emissions controlled by its veNFT without significant self-investment.

Coordinate with other protocols

  1. Reach out to other protocols operating on the same solidly ve(3,3) DEXes.
  2. Propose a collaborative effort to increase bribes, emphasizing mutual benefits (i.e., avoiding underbribing by veNFT owners and excessive over-bribing by others, ensuring that bribes are increased similarly by all protocols).

Evaluate the Success of Collaborative Bribing

  1. Analyze the increase in value generated from the votes.
  2. Assess the rise in demand for the platform token.
  3. Review the collaborative bribing strategy’s overall success and identify improvement areas.

Refine and Iterate the Bribing Strategy

  1. Incorporate lessons learned from previous rounds of collaborative bribing.
  2. Make necessary adjustments to the bribing strategy in coordination with other protocols.
  3. Continue iterating the process, constantly refining the collaborative bribing approach for maximum effectiveness.


By employing a collaborative bribing strategy on solidly ve(3,3) DEXes, protocols can effectively increase the value they receive from their votes without significantly increasing their financial investment.

The most significant impact on the “solidly flywheel” are the bribes of the protocols. The $ value of bribes can be enhanced by giving early contributors and protocols a veNFT airdrop. These protocols are now incentivized to self-bribe and self-vote, recycling their bribes and increasing the demand for the underlying DEX token. The emissions they control grow more significant each week, allowing them to enhance the effect of their bribes even more.

This guide enhances the renowned “Solidly flywheel.” to the maximum.

If executed correctly, protocols can drastically reduce token emissions while maximizing the veNFT value received as an airdrop. This strategy could create a positive-sum game for everyone involved, benefiting both the protocols, the underlying DEX, and also its users earning voting APRs or just speculating on its token.